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A holistic way to improving your emotional, physical, and mental health!

Our Mission

Fibrofit Wellness & Yoga believes yoga is for every body. Our goal is to be an inclusive Yoga studio. Our instructional staff are dedicated to providing a safe yoga experience for all practitioners and their unique needs.

Group Yoga Classes

Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you are sure to find a class that will meet your needs. Our group yoga classes range from gentle to challenging vinyasa flow yoga. 

We offer specialized classes such as kids yoga, hot pilates, yoga for athletes, Yoga Sculpt, Immunity boost Yoga, seniors and Chair Yoga classes. In addition to yoga classes, we proudly offer Zumba and Pilates classes. 

Benefit of Our Programs:

  • Increases psychological well-being and happiness.

  • Reduces the feeling of stress, fatigue, and anxiety.

  • Reduces body and emotional pain.

  • Reduces inflamation and relieves pain and joint stiffness.

  • Promotes awareness in the body-mind connections.

  • Balances your body energy and release emotional blockages and toxicity.

  • Promotes healthy lifestyles.

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Our Locations

Davenport Location

Roseberry Plaza

121 Ridge Center Dr., Davenport, Fl 33837

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(863) 438-2600



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