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Yoga to Ease Your COVID-19 Anxiety

The 2020 Year will be always in our memories as a year that changed our lives. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the NBA suspended its basketball season, Disney World shut down for first time in history all six theme park resorts simultaneously and New York City, the city that never sleeps is asleep for the first time. Unexpectedly, our kids are being home schooled by parents with no teaching experience and teachers lacking educational technology expertise. Many families have lost their jobs and suffer the uncertainty of how they are going to make their home sustainable. Many small businesses are struggling and some have to close or furlough employees. Abruptly, yoga and fitness center have turn their offerings into virtual classes with not enough technological knowledge but doing the impossible to survive this crisis. We are being bombarded constantly with negative news about the death toll of this pandemic and its predictions.

This is not only a physical health pandemic but also a mental health one too. Individuals from all ages are experiencing symptoms associated to anxiety and panic attack due to the high level of stress. Some of these symptoms are: excessive worries, difficulty sleeping, and restlessness, lack of concentration, fear, fatigue/shortness of breath, palpitation, and mood swings. Stress can also affect our physical body by weakening our immune system. Our immune system is our defense system in charge of fighting against viruses and bacteria. Taking care of our immune system is key to fight COVID-19. We are being encouraged to take care of our immune system as a way to take care of our health.

How can we ease anxiety?

1. Meditate to connect with your heart. You can start by practicing deep breathing techniques.

2. Identify your feelings.

3. Valid your feelings without any judgement.

4. Identify the triggers.

5. Avoid, accept, adapt, or alter your triggers.

6. Practice Yoga.

Yoga can be a holistic and complementary alternative to manage stress and anxiety. Yoga is a mind and body practice that combines breathing techniques, body postures, stretching and balancing exercises. The purpose of Yoga is to foster harmony and balance of your body, mind, and spirit. Yoga and other stress reduction techniques have been studied as possible treatment for anxiety. In Yoga we practice a variety of poses to achieve different purpose. Some poses in Yoga are proven to ease anxiety.

Yoga poses to ease anxiety:

1. Legs up the wall - elevating your legs help ease tension and stress.

2. Child’s Pose - helps to stretch the hips, thighs, shoulder, spine, low back and ankles, while reducing stress, fatigue, and calming your mind. This pose is great to help you reconnect with your heart and your breath.

3. Shavasana - helps to calm your mind and improves your mental health while relaxing your whole body.

4. Standing Forward Bend- Reduces fatigue and anxiety, calm the minds, and release tension.

Incorporate Yoga in your daily life to manage stress, anxiety, and to experience harmony and balance.

The author is the owner and founder at Fibrofit Wellness & Yoga. Dr. Bonet is a register Yoga teacher by the Yoga Alliance. She has over 16 years of experience in mental health and education. She holds a Doctor of Education degree and her expertise is developing health promotion and education programs. She also holds a master degree in mental health & rehabilitation counseling and a variety of certifications in laughter yoga, Tai-chi for Arthritis, Meditation, Reiki, Life & Wellness Coaching, and Emotional Intelligence.

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